Where Has All the Politics Gone? // How the Future Became the Present.

I had a desire to reread Plato’s Republic for a while but I didn’t get to it, of course always having more reading, more material to cover. It’s difficult to retain and maintain singularity of goals in this age of digital production, every point bringing together ten more, and those ten in turn bringing on a myriad of things.

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Science and Politics.

In my youth I had much curiosity for science, it was a naive curiosity but nonetheless it took hold of me. I would invest allot of time looking for constellations, obversing the wrinkles on the moons surface, sifting through the periodic table, reading books pertaining to theories which I could only hope to understand one day in the future. But as I grew older, my love or science went elsewhere, I became more invested in the humanities and with time most of my interest went into politics – quite abstract politics, yes, but politics nonetheless.

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An Enemy is a Mistake; from Substance to Function.

“A constant “metabolism” is taking place between nature and society, a process of social reproduction, a labor process operating in cycles, constantly replacing what is consumed, extending its basis as the productive forces develop, and enabling mankind to widen the boundaries of its existence.” – (Nikolai Bukharin, “Historical Materialism, a System of Sociology”).

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le mi-dire de la vérité – truth can only be half said

“This subjective will, if we look at it in an absolutely permanent sense can only manifest itself through its own division since it is doubtless meant to suggest something to us. […] It’s love! If we were all together loving each other it would herald the dawn of the New Jerusalem.”

Lacan Parle, 1972
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Punch-Drunk Love and Kafka.

If Kafka was lost then we realize that there is a new opening, that behind these strange figures there is nothing to fear, simply an old, fat, pathetic “mattress man.” If Kafka is wrong Joseph K can turn around and find life after death. Finally, if Kafka is wrong despair does not force us into submission or complacency, rather it thrusts us into a world of possibility where action must be taken.

I finally have gotten to watch the movie “Punch Drunk Love” with Adam Sandler. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it allot, thanks for the recommendation Paula Nuguid!

I think of this film as threefold: hysteric to paranoiac to… something I don’t know what to name yet.

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Commute City and Industrial Development.

The concept of the ” commute city” denotes the type of city which doesn’t have a positive industry for itself but is mostly made up of a demographic which works elsewhere (or doesn’t work at all). In such a city, the residents aren’t engaged in production within the city and therefore there is not a large class of workers which the city can engage with at a political level. This is because the function of the commute city is not industry but consumption, it is “sleep”, it is free-time. It constitutes the realm of economy beyond production, ie, it constitutes consumption, market allocation, and exchange. Continue reading “Commute City and Industrial Development.”